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EE|Times On Air at CES 2019

A recap of some of our top interviews that took place during the world’s largest technology show

The electronics industry moves quickly—and if you blink, you might miss something. That’s why we created EE|Times On Air, the show that gives you 30-minute deep dives into the most compelling stories in electronics from the professionals building the innovations of tomorrow. To put it succinctly, it’s radio for engineers that will keep you up-to-date on the tools, technology and trends shaping the industry and driving it forward.

While at CES, the annual convention where top-tier organizations show off their latest and greatest designs and products, we sat down with industry leaders to discuss electronics and where the future of tech will take us. In this article, we’ll hit some of the highlights from the show and give you some sound bites sure to inspire.

Deepu Talla, NVIDIA

NVIDIA is one of the hottest names in technology—and for good reason. The company’s solutions in computing and machine learning are driving an entire new wave of innovation in artificial intelligence, gaming, virtual reality and more. EE|Times On Air host David Finch sat down with Aiden Mitchell, VP and GM of IoT Global Solutions with Arrow Electronics, and Deepu Talla, NVIDIA Vice President and General Manager of Autonomous Machines, to talk about the ways in which NVIDIA technology has advanced over the years—and how the GPU went from a gaming engine to becoming the golden standard for artificial intelligence and machine learning.

“When the company was founded 35 years ago, the fundamental vision was that, at some point, Moore’s Law is going to come to an end and you need a new model of computing,” said Deepu. “And that was called accelerated computing.”

This led to the birth of the GPU, which, for years, has been the driving technology in gaming. But while people think of GPUs for graphics, it’s really so much more. “Five years ago, when this whole deep-learning/AI revolution happened, essentially, GPUs became the de facto standard, if you will. And then in the last three years, we’ve added even more advancements. The GPU people think of a graphics processor, but we think of it like an accelerated computer unit that does graphics, that does compute, that does machine learning, virtual reality and so on.”

Chris Jones, iRobot

iRobot’s robotic vacuums have been making waves for years—but the technology behind iRobot’s flagship innovation has helped steer an entire industry of autonomous solutions. We sat down with Chris Jones, iRobot Chief Technology Officer, to discuss the past, present and future of the company and the ways that iRobot fits into the connected home of the future.

When asked where iRobot is heading as far as the future of home robotics, Jones made it clear that they’re just getting started.

“We’re not letting off—we’re not stopping, investing in innovation to even do better and better and keep up the pace there, but we’re also investing in other categories in and around the home,” said Jones. “Our Braava line of mopping robots is another example of a category of consumer products that we are innovating in the home. For me, as CTO and thinking a little bit more strategically, a really exciting direction for us is not only are they cleaning the home, but they are in a very unique position to be an important part of the smart home, of the connected home.”

Yves-Laurent Kayan, CoinPlus

One of the biggest stories in 2018 was the proliferation of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. While blockchain is not a brand-new idea, the massive boom in Bitcoin brought the concept firmly into the spotlight, leading organizations of all sizes and verticals to explore blockchain in earnest. Digital currency is also a hot-topic item—which is where CoinPlus comes into the picture. We spoke with Yves-Laurent Kayan, CoinPlus CEO, to discuss how CoinPlus is not only changing the way that people use cryptocurrencies but helping humanity.

Kayan explained how Africa is facing a crisis where, despite new medical centers and schools, a large portion of young children are testing out with large deficits in IQ. Global leaders have discovered that one of the root causes of this is spousal abuse—and CoinPlus is finding ways to empower women with their technology to help prevent this abuse from ever taking place.


This is just a small sample of the some of the amazing interviews that took place during CES. We also sat down with key leaders from Arrow, Microsoft, Analog Devices, CIC-Boston, Rolling Stone, NXP and more.

To view the above interviews, visit our CES video portal. You can view additional episodes of EE|Times On Air here.

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