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EE|Times On Air and Rolling Stone Exclusive: How technology is changing the way we experience music

EE|Times On Air host David Finch speaks with Jesse Will, Contributing Editor to Rolling Stone, about exciting new advancements in audio technology and more

The steady pace of technology advancements that we have seen in recent years has led to some truly amazing improvements across multiple industries. One area in particular, audio technology, has seen so much change that the modern-day audio experience, if you will, is vastly different from what was available just a decade ago.

Indeed, breakthrough technologies in the recording studio, musical equipment and listening devices has changed how we listen to music in the most profound ways. Innovation in audio engineering has made the unimaginable our new reality, and the unachievable the industry’s new standard.

EE|Times On Air host Dave Finch recently explored some exciting new advancements within this field with Jesse Will, contributing editor to Rolling Stone. In the first part of the interview, seen below, Dave and Jesse discuss advancements being made in the car cabin, including noise cancellation capabilities, improved speaker options and more. In the second part, the two review improvements being made to the live music world, including sound beams, audio reinforcement and more.

Dave Finch | Jess Will: Interview, Part 1

Dave Finch | Jess Will: Interview, Part 2

For those unfamiliar, EETimes On Air is a 30-minute, downloadable radio show hosted by Dave Finch, a semiconductor engineer with twenty years’ experience in electronic design and market development for consumer, industrial, and healthcare applications. The goal of EETimes On Air is to provide deep dives on the most compelling stories in electronics, complete with insight from subject matter experts across the industry.

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