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On the floor with Arrow at CES 2019

The 2019 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is taking place right now in Las Vegas, Nevada and Arrow once again is in the heart of Eureka Park.


Those visiting Arrow’s booth at CES 2019 have exclusive access to Arrow and partner experts and resources to help them create, make and manage their technology. What’s more, AI- and IoT-enabled demos are being featured from partners like NVIDIA, Analog Devices and Silicon Labs.

Arrow is also hosting a wide array of leaders from various startups and enterprises, to allow visitors the chance to get their advice and insights on bringing a product to market, or just to check out their state-of-the-art technology.

Here’s a highlight clip of all the action taking place at the booth so far at CES 2019:

Among the companies, both big and small, exhibiting at the Arrow booth:


Opkix will demonstrate their ONE camera, camera accessories and Opkix Studio mobile application for content creators. The Opikix products and applications help users capture videos and post to social media in a simple and exciting way.


BareConductive will demonstrate how their hardware, software and electric paint can combine to create an intelligent coating. They will show how a printed piece of paper with a small piece of attached hardware can detect the presence and movement of a human, inset or fluid up to one meter away.

Unlimited Tomorrow

Unlimited Tomorrow will demonstrate their 3D printed, ultralight, AI enhanced, high tech prosthetic arm. They have built an intuitive and scalable model for custom prosthetic devices that leverages 3D scanning, 3D printing and machine learning to achieve a better fit at a significant cost reduction.


Waggit will demonstrate the Waggit mobile application. The Waggit mobile app combines with the Waggit collar to showing real time info/data for the customer’s dog.


Anyware will demonstrate and discuss their existing and new Smart Living Services and how they link with Smart Adaptors and electrical home appliances. The Smart Living Services are based on the Anyware IoT product – the Anyware Smart Adaptor™.

DS Services Cotts Pureflo

The DS Services Cotts Pureflo demo is a POU (Point of Use) Water filtration cooler with IoT technology incorporated. Pureflo will demonstrate how their filtration cooler and digital dashboard interact to intelligently approach service requirements and issues before they become an inconvenience for customers. 


Skylights will be demonstrating the Allovue standalone Cinematic VR headset. Additionally, their demonstration will generate leads for a B2C Indiegogo campaign in February.


Honeywell will demonstrate a speech recognition product for industrial customers that uses Honeywell’s latest hardware and software platform. This demonstration will highlight the Honeywell industrial product that uses the latest processing and wireless technologies available to recognize speech in a noisy environment


The Modobag demonstration will highlight the functionality of their Smart Luggage System. The Modobag is the first carry on suitcase one can ride.

Visit the booth

It’s all happening at CES 2019, only at the Arrow booth in the heart of Eureka Park. Get there now!

If you’re not at CES 2019, head to to learn more about everything the company is doing at the world’s largest consumer technologies showcase.

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